Iran Nutex 2016

  • By Rasha Pistachio
  • 07 Feb 2016
Iran Nutex 2016

The food industry of the country has the potential forces of exporting goods to the global markets in addition to meeting the local needs. Some of the goods like nuts, saffron, and caviar can be pointed out as the famous international brands for Iran regarding to the Iran's geographic location and state of the producing, from the past times.

Iran's nuts industry, in spite of including and producing some commodities like pistachio (2nd place producer in the world, first in exports), dates (2nd producer in the world), Peanut (the world's fourth largest producer), walnuts (the world's third largest producer), and raisins (to the fourth generation), and hazelnut (fifth of world production) and... is famous in the world's markets. Although, regarding to the background of this industry and the extended global transitions of this industry, unfortunately there is not any appropriate and specialized exhibition title relating to these productions and commodities.

The Exhibition's Goals

  1. Introducing the potential and actual capacities of the country, in field of production, trading and relevant services to the nuts and dried fruits industry, including production, marketing and producing services, machineries and equipments related to this industry.
  2. Identify problems, obstacles and weaknesses in this industry and try to attract and give the supports of public and private organizations and other actives of this industry, by holding the mentioned exhibition.
  3. Establishing appropriate fields and grounds to change this exhibition subject into center of attention of the national and international actives of this industry.
  4. Paying attention to packing issue and increasing the quality of the products
  5. Trying to create a culture of standardizing products and paying attention to the level of hygienic and technical standards.
  6. Making officeholders and relevant workers familiar with the products, innovations and progresses in nuts and dried fruits industry and try to reach international standards.
  7. Creation of a good and friendly field of competition among domestic manufacturers in order to improve the products' quality.
  8. Building a face to face and direct connection between the producers and consumers in order to get familiar with the needs of consuming markets
  9. Creating or improving products' export to other countries, especially neighboring countries and the target markets.
  10. Exchanging ideas, technologies and products among national and international participants of the exhibition and make a business relationship between them.

Exhibition title: The 3rd Exhibition of Nuts, Dried fruits and Relevant industries
Acronym: Iran Nuts 2016
Organizer: International Exhibitions Company of Islamic Republic of Iran
Date: 02-05 January 2016