Pistachio Kernels

Iranian Pistachio kernels normally come from two types of pistachios, closed shells pistachios and open shell pistachios, and kernels can be from any type of Iranian pistachios. These are taken through shelling process. Pistachio kernels are normally used as a food ingredient in different industries such as bakery products, chocolate and sweet industry, also cooking. According to a statistics, which gathered by Iranian Pistachio Association (IPA), Iran annually exports 18,000 tons of pistachio kernels. As Rasha Pistachio has the ability and facility for both types, hence both type are available to offer with the greatest quality.

Closed shell pistachiosClosed shell pistachios are taken into Rasha Pistachio cracking factory in order to get cracked and produced kernels, the whole procedure here is fully automat. The color of this type is slightly lighter than open shell pistachio kernel, but its more reasonable and more affordable in price. This type of Iranian pistachio kernel suits for confectionaries or cooking then the kernels need to be blend or make powder of it.
Open shell pistachio kernelsOpen shell pistachio kernels are rich in color and size. This type of Iranian pistachio kernels are taken from open shell pistachios, which are cracked by hand, hence the procedure, takes longer time also price is higher compared to closed shell kernels. This type is also suitable for confectionaries particularly where pistachios will be used as it is without blending or making it to powder, for instance Baklava or Turkish delights.

Green Pistachio kernels

These types of pistachio kernel are normally produced through harvesting pistachios when they are still raw (Kaal) which means before the pistachios become completely ripe. These types of pistachio kernels are normally more expensive than other type of pistachios, due to costly process. First of all pistachios become dried in the sun for few days then shelled. Second step is to dip the kernels into boiling water in order to remove the softened seed peel. As the colour of kernels are greener the price of pistachios kernels are higher too. Iranian Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels are known as luxury food ingredient, which are used in various industries such as: pastries, chocolate, ice cream, sausages and ham.

Kaal (Raw) KernelsKaal (Raw) Kernels as it mentioned earlier are taken from trees when the pistachios are still raw and not reached the standard level of maturity, this is the reason for being green. This type of Iranian pistachio kernels is normally taken between July and August. This type can be graded depending on the percentage of raw color that are differentiated as green, therefore if it is completely raw with low percentage of red kernels it approves good quality.
Green Peeled kernelGreen Peeled kernel is known as the most premium and expensive among all types of kernels. Green peeled kernels come from Kaal (Raw) kernels. Green Peeled kernels can be classified into 4-5 types, which can be differentiate from the percentage of green color in them for instance dark green, green, greenish, yellow and light yellow.